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Halloween prank wedding Yuppie Palm Pilot

I love collecting funny wedding stories. This last one is classic.

My friend is from Texas and was an actress in a Theatre company. Two of the actors organized a Halloween party and everything was going just as a regular costume party goes, and a performance started to take place. The guy was dressed as a peasant I think, the girl as a princess and there happened to be someone dressed as a priest. Apparently everyone had a good laugh at the performance that went on until the priest pronounced them “Man and Wife” (I always think of Princess Bride when I hear that sentence, and can hear Prince Humperdink hissing to the lisping priest “MAN AND WIFE! SAY MAN AND WIFE!”) and everyone realized they had all been had by the sneaky couple! :)

I love these off the beaten track weddings, they’re so fun! The best I’ve ever attended though, was Ferretwedding in Nova Scotia…haaa…..what memories that is. I think about it still quite regularly.

I’ve become a list maniac recently (well, I was before too, but I’m just more organized now) since my brother got me a Palm Pilot. I felt like a little poseur at first, but then it suits my way of thinking so much I love it! I used to have to jump between my phone, my messy addressbook, my canlendar and my various notepads for things, and now it’s all together, so I can just go from one idea to the next and NURTURE my A.D.D. without having to really focus on one thing!

I hop from thinking about calling someone to finding their number and using my world clock to figure out what time it is there (good thing for someone who has never grasped Daylight savings time or who can’t calculate time zones). And I’m able to keep all the lists I want and update them regularly: reading lists, movies to rent, top movies, crazy road signs or things I hear people saying as I walk by, Aphorisms I make up, places I want to visit, degrees I’ve heard of that I am thinking of investigating, The Best list (best ice cream, best sunset) and finally, my top obsession in Haifa, the 17 different variations of the blue Pedestrian street sign–LOVE this one! I gave them all names and short bios too!


One thought on “Halloween prank wedding Yuppie Palm Pilot

  1. I, too, have a Palm, love it and USE IT FOR LISTS!
    And, like Nathan, refuse to give my name and address to “The Man”.

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