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Things I’ve Walked Around Haifa With

He burst out laughing. But I wasn’t even trying. I get a real kick out of making strangers laugh, somehow it means more to me than makingpeople I know laugh since they have an incentive in a way: they knowme, maybe they want to be nice. But strangers could care less, in fact they can clear ignore you. So if I make them laugh, I think it’s pretty nice. I used to do this all the time when I first got to Haifa, I’d
cross the street in front of cars, walking like Charlie Chaplin, or doing a duck waddle, or curtsy the first line of cars, then I got just plain tired. In fact these days, I just cab it to work, because if I walk, I’m so exhausted I can’t concentrate. (“walking” in this case, is ascending close to 200 stairs, and we’re in the Middle East in June,
not that I’m feeling guilty or anything hmmm).

So I get to the cab this morning, carrying a blue glass vase full of bright pink flowers for a friend of mine. And the cab just looked at me and laughed. He just burst out laughing. And then I remembered the three or four times I’ve carried quite strange things in Haifa these past two years and pretty much got the same reaction from Israelis:

(I’m only listing the ones I’ve actually walked long distances with, in
the case of the road sign, I actually walked back from the beach with

Things I’ve walked around Haifa with:

-A full length mirror
-Two huge plants (both of them small trees, actually)
-One full size standing lamp, complete with lampshade (caused a
-Two very large corrugated plastic boards, one bright turquoise and one
-One road sign, a large circular metal arrow on bright blue background.
-A life size color poster of Elvis Presley’s (from the waist up)


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