Moments of Grace


Did you read about this?

A 44-year old Canadian man loaded his car with guns and 6,296 rounds of ammo on Thursday and set out to a crowded park in Toronto, planning to kill as many people as he could before turning himself in to the police.

When he arrived, he was greeted by a cheerful dog, and changed his mind, surrendering himself to the police before committing his terrible deed.

I was thinking earlier tonight, and I was thinking that my dogs (I grew up with Irish Setters, in Congo–long story involving bribing my parents, and going to an ice-cream shop at the right time) taught me pretty much everything I know about unconditional love, in practice, not theory.

I have always thought that animals, and for me, dogs especially, were put on earth to teach man how to expand the boundaries of love. I so miss having that constant source of requited tenderness that you have in a dog. It used to, as a kid, often make me cry, because it was the only way I could express how much it blew my mind that feeling this much love for a creature was possible. Those dogs, man, they really opened that world up to me. So sweet, so gentle and loving. They were always there to lift our mood, by just being crazy cheerful dogs, always happy to see us, regardless of our limitations. They made us laugh so much, those silly old goats…God how I miss them…


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