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Israeli Interior Decoration

If you’re in Haifa or have been here, you’ll have been to the Hillel cafe, so it will make it easier to place what I’m talking about. I just want to share with you a slice of Israeli interior decoration, by listing what comprises the decoration of the Hillel Cafe.

If you’ve been to Israel for any length of time, you’ll instantly recognize that particular “atmosphere” of interior decoration/art that really needs no additional elaboration. The enumeration will suffice.

  • 13 matted color photos of door handles, streets and wall corners
  • 1 gold five-pointed star
  • 1 light green papier mache sperm, hanging from the ceiling
  • 1 street lamp
  • 1 small personal alarm clock affixed to the wall
  • 2 huge papier mache dragonflies, one turquoise and one green
  • 1 giant papier mache orange pumpkin
  • 1 piece of driftwood
  • 1 very round, huge metal black sheep, ruguous and with beedy blue eyes
  • 1 large papier mache bat, hanging upside down over the bar with colorful magazine-collage inside the wings
  • 1 mini green cactus (papier mache)
  • 4 extra large Illy metal coffee cans
  • 2 large papier mache mushrooms (red with white spots)
  • 1 life-size wooden cut-out of a camel, painted to look like a trompe l’oeil
  • 1 sailor doll, complete with hat
  • at least 100 empty beer bottles, of different brands
  • 4 antique coffee grinders, one looking suspiciously like a vis
  • assortment of miniature liquor bottles (dusty)
  • 1 small white plaster mask encased in a dark wood frame
  • 1 stick figure drawing
  • 1 beach poster featuring tropical island and woman in red bikini
  • 1 very imposing chandelier made of many different intertwining metal arms at the ends of which are lotus flowers (painted blue inside) containing lights
  • 1 pink-flecked-with-sparkles (papier-mache) lotus flower
  • 6 fabric-covered-rotting books
  • 1 antique phonograph
  • 1 bright green flag with a white skull painted on it (?) draped on a chair (?)
  • 1 amorphous metal pan
  • 1 antique metal teapot
  • 1 rooster with tail made out of what looks like dried lemon slice (hanging over bar, sadly replacing its predecessor, a cow-papier-mache scuplture boasting a fishing rod, jutting from the cow’s belly at the end of which was hanging…a papier-mache carrot)

NB: I would like to confess that I only observed this from a seated position, too lazy to actually go and check that the tail of the rooster was made of a dried lemon slice, but content in thinking that, from my vantage point, that’s what it looked like. I didn’t count the beer bottles.


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