Nicholas D. Kristoff

I hated his stupid audio slide show for the New York Times called “Freeing Sex Slaves in Cambodia” (you have to subscribe to view it, it’s free and worth it, scroll all the way to the bottom, it’s the third audio slide show from the bottom, on the right)

He seemed so self-important and congratulatory, and I hated the fact he actually BOUGHT the freedom of these slaves to write his article. That’s participating in sex slavery, not exposing it, no matter what your intentions are.

Then he did another brilliant slide show, called “Is There Hope For Africa?” A moronic title for an annoying and simplistic piece. So I really was not “a fan” you might say. You might also say I was chronically pissed off at him.

But today I found his blog, rooting around the multi-media slide show section and I actually quite enjoy what he has to say, and the comments everyone makes, and the poetry he posts. I like him more now. You can read it too by going back to this site and clicking on “Op-Ed: Those Sexy Iranians” then when the window opens, under his face, you can click on “Kristof Responds: The Columnist Addresses Readers’ E-Mail”


One thought on “Nicholas D. Kristoff

  1. I’ll have to go and read through our friend Mr. Kristoff’s blog now. You mean he’s not an ass after all?
    anyway, thought you (and anyone else who may be reading this) might like to know that you may have pulled your comment from my site, but everytime someone posts a comment to my blog, they email me the comment. So I have your comment to save for all eternity. muhahahahaha

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