“Brilliant or Stupid?”

A good friend of mine sometimes forwards me stories that he prefaces with “I don’t know if this is brilliant or stupid” and I have to say, I’ve started wondering, with media and marketing, what the difference is lately. This is the latest in the “Brilliant or stupid” category. Decide for yourselves, I guess. It’s a good story in any case. When I get back to Congo, I just need to find myself someone daft enough to try this in Africa. Haha. I can just see it now: “Golfer pays ransom for his stupidity” or “Golfer eaten alive by skin-carving worms” or “Golfer missing, somewhere in Africa. We don’t know exactly where, since “all towns are holes” in his words” (see page 1)

Read this article, and then if you want, you can follow-up with the guy’s own website.


One thought on ““Brilliant or Stupid?”

  1. Just one question: “The Colorado YURT Company”?

    Yeah, I bet there are just oodles of requests for yurts in Colorado. ?!?!?!

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