weight-lifting for peace?

How about this one?

From the article:

On 164th Street in Jamaica, Queens, there is a vegetarian restaurant called Annam Brahma with a series of photographs on its rear wall showing a bald man in his 70’s doing one-arm dumbbell lifts, going incrementally, over 18 months, from 40 pounds up to what is claimed to be 7,063 pounds.

It sounds like a bar bet, but it is Sri Chinmoy: powerlifter for world peace. Mr. Chinmoy is a spiritual guru and founder of a worldwide empire of meditation centers based in Jamaica.

Besides staggering stacks of iron weights, Mr. Chinmoy’s lift résumé also includes heavy objects – airplanes, schoolhouses, pickup trucks.

But mostly he lifts people, more than 7,000 of them since 1988, when he started his “Lifting Up The World With a One-Ness Heart” campaign. He selects contributors to world peace, public figures and regular folk alike, and then honors them by shoulder-pressing them above his head on a custom-made lifting stand at an inconspicuous compound built around a clay tennis court across from the restaurant.


3 thoughts on “weight-lifting for peace?

  1. I’m sorry. My vote is that this is stupid.

    What is constructive about this? How is this really promoting peace? HOW? HOW!?


  2. I’m actually replying to the circus road trip, but for some reason the link isn’t working… anywho… I think it’s hysterical how off Blogger is sometimes on choosing header ads “based” on your entries. Right now you can click on these super-crazy spas! Hahahaha!

    At Krisia’s right now you can click on links to Amsterdam’s red light district! Hahahha! Be careful what say! Whew! Crazy.

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