“Tabloid or Truth?”

This is an ongoing conversation I have with Mara at the moment. With quotes from the Vice President Dick Cheney going around (I’ll let you google this one) and some other interesting news, you never know what is going to make it on the front page, or any page for that matter, of the newspapers you trust. These are some examples.

Iranian Woman Gives Birth to Frog. (BBC newslink is broken)

Baring it All for Rain.

So now…who do you trust with the news? How do you get your information?

I guess this is all timely in a way with Farenheit 9/11 coming out. Sensationalistic information accomplishes its goal to make people think, using the very instrument it criticizes (sensationalistic media) to drive its point home. I used to be really Anti-Michael Moore (a friend’s dad calls him Michael Moron) but I’m now starting to see he embodies a lot of what we value: the right man at the right place and the right time, and a sensation. I have to say I’m curious about this movie. I might go see it, if it ever plays in Israel. “The Passion of Christ” never made it here, so you never know what will and won’t.

Also, on a totally different note, those of you interested in health and healthy food will maybe find this interesting: in our shop we can’t find Betty Crocker cake mixes anymore. Prodded, the purchasing guy said that they are being “phased out” because the Israeli Ministry of Health is conscious of what its citizens eat and they are no longer letting into Israel products containing bleached flour. “Think about what that does to your system” he added.

Hmm. It’s interesting that the government denies the choice of its citizens to eat crap if they want to. It’s kind of admirable and reminscent of censorship at the same time.


One thought on ““Tabloid or Truth?”

  1. I wouldn’t mind if when I’m 35 and have had a few kids and planted a few rice fields, I’d still feel confident that the sight of me in the nude would be so pleasing as to make the rain to fall! :)

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