The Station Agent

Last good movie I saw…three days ago. I tried my hand at a short review but reading over it, it sounds like a very strange personal ad, although I’m not sure what for…:) Maybe I should stick to really long blog entries. But steer clear from medical discoveries, right Nathan? :)

Unpretentious story about an unlikely friendship between three people who make quite a motley crew. There are some great moments and an understated soundtrack, and you’ll find yourself at times even wishing you were living there, in New Jersey, with those people as your friends. And train chasing in a Cuban hot-dog truck. At least I did.


3 thoughts on “The Station Agent

  1. Hey, Violetta!

    I like your really long blog entries!

    I especially like your really long blog entries where you introduce your topic then move to something that seems unrelated and, as you continue, reveal that the two topics aren’t unrelated at all, but are intricately intertwined – and at the end, a denoument that demonstrates this firmly.

    When we’ve met in the manner that you and I have met (i.e. not at all), ideas become the gifts we give one another.

    The ideas are clothed in narrative and we get to slowly undress the idea: slip the sundress of “This is what I was carrying” up over the ideas head, push slip of “my full purse (complete with a kaleidoscope…)” fluttering down its back, coax the mules of “most cab drivers quote you different prices and want to rip you off” of its feet, press your mind up against the soft, sun-drenched skin of ‘”Fields of Gold” sung by Eve Cassidy’ and arrive at the truth: the idea, naked before you, says “I have the ability to render men furious to the point of temporary insanity.”

    How wonderful an experience is that? Very wonderful. It’s super-duper. It makes my day.

    The post about the heart and the head was at it’s delectable best when you catalogued the cardiac tropes purged from your idiomatic dictionary – more of this, please.


  2. Oh, yeah! I almost forgot – I really want to see the Station Agent now, because it is beyond my imagination to conceive of anything that would make me want to live in New Jersey.


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