Learning how to see

I keep finding out I’m illiterate in so many ways.

I’ve been taking a photo class for the past four weeks, and it has been an amazing experience to learn how to see. I found myself battling with a whole new alphabet, vocabulary, sentence structure and frame of reference that I had never given any thought to before, even though my whole life has been pivoting around light, color and beauty for so long. I look back now and realize a lot of important decisions I’ve made (such as moving to an inconvenient apartment) have been based on these concepts, but I only started studying them through this class, and it has opened up a new world to me.

Once you’ve battled and overcome the technicalities of shutter speed and aperture to get the effect you want and you start thinking of composition, or light, balance, movement, you are using a totally new part of your brain and the experience is very stimulating…

Class one: Composition


Class two: Movement


Class three: Light



One thought on “Learning how to see

  1. I’m forgetfully illiterate. We were having a discussion in the car and I couldn’t remember what a galaxy is..yeah! What’s more freaky is that until astronomy in College, I thought the sun was the center of the universe…

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