Big Fish

After a fight with my thief/optometrist and trying on clothes I desperately need but can’t afford, we watched Big Fish.

You know, it’s funny but lately it seems like there are a lot of movies coming out in this Garcia-Marquez-Magical-Realism vein…Amelie, Frida, I guess more realistic would be a movie like the Royal Tenenbaums, an earlier movie would be The Adventures of the Baron of Munchausen…With Magical Realism, it’s pretty hit or miss, since you can get cheesy pretty fast.

But this was good, it didn’t get cheesy, although it was a bit patronizing at times, hammering with voice-over the ‘subtle’ point they were trying to make, which both Mara and I found insulting, but I really enjoyed it, and would recommend it. We all had a good time watching it, not something that happens often with four super-opinonated people. :)

Anyway. I guess what I liked most about it was to see how Tim Burton approached something I’ve often observed with people closest to me: how a person with an unbelievable life, or an unusual way of living it, gets treated at times badly by the people closest to him or her, mostly because they want this person to “fit in” or “be normal” or not tell the same crazy stories over and over and over again.

It was really moving. And it got me thinking about this person with the charmed life that I’ve at times misunderstood, but am getting better about it.


One thought on “Big Fish

  1. Ahh! I hated Baron von Munchausen!! I never even finished it, it was so agonizingly boring!

    Hmm, the magical realism vein … I really find myself connecting to it. It’s cathartic to see other not-so-functional families enjoying themselves. But then, what they are really asking is, if this isn’t functional, what is? What really is functional? Who is functional? No one and nothing. This is it.

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