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double-decker red buses


That half-year I spent in the UK, based in London was the best time of my life, without any hesitation whatsoever. I had fun every second of my stay there. Plays, museums, hilarious people, incredible adventures, wild train rides at midnight, overdoses of hummus and tangerines on our poor student-budget, free-spirited impulsive friends, laughter ringing throughout the six months.


A train ride across Scotland over 37 bridges, sleeping on night-trains because we couldn’t find hostels, walking through Scotland at night looking for a Castle hostel in the birthplace of Macbeth, crashing a Socttish wedding complete with kilt-wearing bagpipers, sleeping on sun-warmed wind-beaten gigantic stones hanging over the Atlantic in Cornwall…frantically looking for a real Cappuccino in a land of Nescafe, plays aupon plays upon plays in the West End, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

A beautiful Bosnian soldier reading my life in a coffee cup, eerily accurate down to the names of people and descriptions of places and flats.

A huge HUGE purple fur hat that I wore for six months, inside lined with red satin. The most beautiful/perfect accessory I’ve ever owned.

I’m going tomorrow, back to London for three days…



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