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election idea

If people combined Election Day and Halloween, or Mardi Gras or Carnival, they might get insanely better turnouts for elections, since people are already in the streets, having fun.

Combining doing your civic duty and fun, is something pretty revolutionary, isn’t it? Imagine if being a good, responsible citizen was F-U-N.

Now imagine…paying taxes was fun. I know some people think of living on the Appalachian Trail or hiding out in the Adirondacks close to April 15th in the US. I’m happy never to work in the US again so I don’t have to fill out those ghastly taxes.

You can always pay someone to do it for you, but what if it were FUN. Combining…I don’t know…what’s fun, anymore. How about combining paying taxes with Six Flags? Fill out your taxes in the sky! Feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven!

So many things are just BO-RING. Like going to the doctor or dentist. When is the last time anything interesting happened in those cookie-cutter waiting rooms. Never an educational opportunity there. Only a stupid TV with CNN turned on and old editions or Redbook. WHO reads that?

Combining a waiting room with…a games room, preferably with some dart boards and air-hockey!

Most of these are stupid examples because I need a vacation and I have nothing to say right now. This begs the question “so what are you doing wasting everyone’s time with lame-o ideas?”. And I don’t have to answer that. (my crinkled face sticking its tongue at you) But still, even though these are stupid examples, my main point is that we tend to lack creativity for things like hospital designs, paying parking tickets, waiting in doctor’s offices, educating kids in the public system, voting.

I have been collecting original ideas on all these topics for a while now, and have the newspaper clippings stacked in between original gum wrappers and business cards, just because I like to encourage creative ways of dealing with life’s boring interstices.

Why can’t you pay for your parking ticket at your nearest coffee shop?


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