I’ve been writing dialogue lately because some things are too good left unsaid, even if no one is reading my dialogue.

Is there some sort of progression in this exercise? Will my characters eventually talk about something more interesting than the movie they saw or the color of tea, or some other inane subject that I let my mind work around into a conversation between two people?

I hope so, because writing dialogue is my new therapy and the inner workings of my mind are not food for anyone else’s thoughts.

I recommend dialogue for anyone else who has too many analytical voices looking at every single situation from every possible angle, holding up every instant, moment, interaction, event, and experience up to the light in their intellectual fingers and turning it around and and around to see from which angle they can find beauty.

At least with dialogue I can put all those voices down and they can interrupt each other and I can walk away. And smile at how one voice really “shut that one up”.


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