Memorable words

Evolutions of illness

I’ve given up on TV. Been at home for three days now and illness has progressed. Awful sore throat, headache days 1/2 and 1. Then horrible earache and less of a sore throat for day 2. Day 3 horrible cough kept me awake the night before and the night after. Day 4 horrible congestion where a little greasy pink balloon has been blown up in the inside cavities of my ear-nost-throat and is pushing the inner walls of all my glands towards explosion at this very moment. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Which is probably why I wasn’t thinking straight and bought three new CD’s, moi, who never spends any money. Luckily, I wasn’t totally senseless and bought two good ones out of the three: Nina Simone and Diana Krall. The taxi-driver gave me his whole life theory on how you should live stress-free and you’ll never get sick, and it’s all about giving light to people. He figures he’s stuck behind the wheel all day, might as well make this a positive experience for everyone. And he says…get this...”I like people so much I never let them bother me.”

I got six ID photos taken today. They’re out of focus but I didn’t complain because I was so congested. Maybe I’m a nicer person when I’m sick. It hurts too much to argue, and people are not threatened by the “high-energy me” because I’m barely alive. So the Music-store woman told me her story as well and her philosophy of female vocalists. Then the woman at the pottery store told me all about “Rasputin” this forty-or-so-year-old Russian man with scraggly black hair and charcoal-black crotchety fingers, wearing soiled army fatigues and a cigarette hanging from his mouth who comes and looks at her shop window every day. And I walked out with the two most beautiful pots in creation. Past Rasputin.

I bought more in one hour (food, medication, more medication, lunch, ceramic pots, notebooks and CD’s) than I normally do in a whole month. Maybe I felt I needed army supplies. At least I’ve used each one of these items already. I think I’ve stared at those pots for at least an hour. I just looked at them again.

Bah. This isn’t making me feel better. I still feel like I have a balloon for a head. And big googly eyes. And furry teeth. And mushy head. And Dumbo ears. And the nose of those monkeys with a nose that looks like a pink potato. :-(

But today the Mediterranean looked like the Mediterranean for the first time in two months. Because of the chilled wind, maybe? who knows. It was crisp, Mediterranean blue, with spots of sea-green and lovely white waves, and the mountains looked italian, and Akka looked like a Greek city. And I was excited for the first time about basing myself in Paris when I leave. It should be fun. Nina Simone will keep me company.



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