Creative writing


Ah…so this is what it feels like to be totally free from my body! I never thought I’d feel this! How liberating! When the Swing Kid popped the vinyl and I heard Benny Goodman…my whole body wanted to defy gravity. And now…where is up? The hall is full of people. Men? Women? Who knows anymore? All I can feel is feverish, I’m not even thinking anymore, this isn’t just a dance, it’s an alternate reality almost. I feel completely taken over, everything’s taken on the texture of music, the floor, the ceiling, my arms, everyone around me, the lights, the tables, and I’m not even sure what I’m doing. I guess I just flew around the arm of my dance partner? And now, I’ve just been whisked in between his legs, and I just jumped over his head. And I’m across the room. “It don’t mean a thing…if it AIN’T GOT THAT SWING..” And it just starts, I feel so free I want to scream, shout, flail my arms, cry for freedom, cry for youth, cry for weightlessness, jump, have an apoplectic fit, whatever it takes, just to forget today, forget the present, forget the war, forget the uniforms, forget the stale bread, forget the streets, forget life, forget reality, forget having to put one foot in front of another, and why? The time for one foot in front of another is over. How about clapping hands and jumping straight up in the air, how about twisting your legs at the knee so they look like they’re made of plastic? How about sliding your feet backwards then forwards and jumping across a table, over someone else, twirling around the arm of another partner, and landing, again on both feet before jumping both feet forward, ANYTHING to avoid putting one foot in front of another. One foot in front of another like those German armies, all through Europe. Thank God for the jitterbug. It’s the opposite of a military march. God I never want to leave this place. Don’t make me ever walk out into that street again. God please. Let me die here on the dance floor, at least. Free from gravity, free from life, free from thinking, free from my reality. Free from ever again putting one foot simply in front of another just because I have to.


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