Creative writing


Present Moment

“-I’m sick. I want to be anywhere but in this bed!

-(SWOOSHING GENIE): your wish is granted! You may travel for the next 23 minutes! But you must send me postcards.”


“You can’t hear any traffic noise. Flutter of pigeon wings. People walk everywhere. There’s a city ordinance that asks people not to ‘make any waves’ so they have speed limits. Off to Bilbao tomorrow.”


“Went to this great cafe yesterday. I swear it was Tracy Chapman singing ‘Revolution’ like I’ve never heard before. Forget the Guggenheim. I walked through the whole city with my eyes closed and ended up at the flea market. Bought a handknit hat.


“Thank God it rained. Paris from any of its bridges, under cloudy skies, I can’t breathe. How can any city be so beautiful? But I can’t find a place to have FUN, and people are a bit too serious. At least museum guards are still as rude. Very entertaining. London, here I come!”


“Spell HOME. I just spent two hours on the front row of four double-deckers. Speaker’s corner. Free concert in the tube by MIMES!! There’s always a joke somewhere here. People look like tropical fish, shimmery, vibrant. I don’t want to leave!!!”


“So what if I like Haggis? I walked out of the train station and it smelled of pub food, so I walked into one and ordered Haggis. Westham won the game. Fire breathers/spitters from Sweden took over Prince’s Street and I sat mesmerized for three hours. I think I gave them twenty dollars.”


“I could sit on the steps of the Art museum forever. What a view. Best carrot soup in history. Walked through the Park. They added some sculptures. 700 Club had a DJ from LA spinning. It was “wicked” as the Afro-dude kept saying. Coffee with Shelle before leaving tomorrow.”


“Palm trees? Blondes? yeah, but this place IS fun, no lie. Or maybe it’s just hanging out with Nic. Last night we went to the premiere of the latest movie by Zhang Yimou and I went out with the lead actor….and everyone else at the Premiere party but what the heck? People are NOT laid back, though.”


“Sitting by the river watching the sunset, doze off for ONE SECOND, and ANOTHER Australian backpacker dude is sitting there. Where do these guys come from? Gotta go, busy stuffing my face with fresh fruit. Oh! Another pagoda!”


“What Delhi? Been sick for three days, leaving tomorrow. Got a stupid SMS of comfort from Ben–who else? INDIA=I will Never Do It Again. In my miserable state I went to the Temple, spent a good two hours praying next to the most magical little boy in tattered clothes. Ben doesn’t know the first thing about India.”


“Beach.Oh, and history. Oh, and women in colorful cotton wraps. Beach.”


“(speechless). Everyone’s in pajamas in the streets! Hum of the sugar cane juice machine. Old women (in PJ’s I know it) wheeling down baskets with doggies or veggies in them from the upper floors. People. Everywhere. Kids running. Okay, Pollution. Mint tea. Egyptian breakfast. Old women giving me the Cleopatra beauty treatment. No space left.”


“Can I just disappear here? I’m opening a rare bookstore and buying a bicycle. I have frostbite from being on the Charles Bridge too long. I played hopscotch with some kids. And got squirted by cheeky boys with water guns. I HOPE it was water!”

Present Moment

“I’m still in bed. One friend from Seattle and one friend from Kazakhstan online. Still sniffling but I have a smile on my face! BRING ON THE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT TEA!!!!!!”


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