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Pedro Almodovar Israeli Slideshow

Tsunami Paradise

The cover of the International Herald Tribune showed an idyllic beach in Thailand with the title “114,000 dead” and I thought “how insensitive to show heavenly beach when somany people have just died.” In fact, looking closely, it’s a shot of people running, completely panicked, away from the 10-meter waves that are crashing their way.

GI Josef

Josef takes us to Akka, he learned his English from the GI’s in Germany from 63 to 76. Doesn’t use it much but keeps us entertained. Him and my brother.

deep-friedFish curled in pain

Gross fish in the grossest restaurant, with the nicest view of the Mediterranean sea. At least the sunset and the fish keep us entertained. The best part is Nic aiming bland wet half-chewed pickles at the cats who are staring at our fish carcasses.

Band-Aid flowers

Looking for someone’s flat we’re stuck in an elevator laughing hysterically (the four of us in a four-person elevator) at the New Year’s flowers (mangy red carnations) stuck to the mirror under the ever-so-drab neon lights with three band-aids of different widths on each of the two stalks of flowers. Of course dad filmed the manic elevator ride and Nic photoed the whole thing.

Mattressed tree

The taxi stops on Hatzionut right in front of a tree wrapped in a double-folded mattress. My brother thinks this is hysterical and can’t stop making us laugh about this. In retrospect I’m wondering…how could ANYONE make me laugh about this? But this is Nic’s super power. He can make anyone laugh at the most inane thing. It’s really great.


Giraffe’s entire menu

I swore I was never eating at Giraffe ever again, but I sampled every last one of their dishes and it was perfect. Really good! And we sat and laughed at the table with Mara’s family and I think I OD’d on Dove dark. But whatever, it has antioxidants. Doesn’t it?

Lame-o fireworks

We’re sitting at dinner and the fireworks start. Lamest fireworks ever: just one shot up and a lame little white light “poof”. Of course it’s not momentous if they’re shooting out flares! they paused for a while, to “recharge” ostensibly, whatever. As Nic said they must have robbed some boats to get the flares.

Hiccups and House on Fire

Of COURSE the taxi took the long way home. Now that they have all those nifty extra charges, they fling the meter on every time we get into the cab, and this time we were stuck in traffic. Nic hiccuped the entire way home and he decided to speak through the hiccups so we were all dying of laughter. Who knew you can completely grammatically punctuate and speak through a sentence in hiccups. House down the street caught fire from the fireworks. Lovely!


3 thoughts on “Pedro Almodovar Israeli Slideshow

  1. Your first paragraph made me stop. I am still thinking and thinking about the Tsunami and all the suffering it caused. And thinking of how this is all happening because humanity has still not recognized Baha’u’llah. My heart feels so heavy.

    It seems that you and your family are really having a wonderful time. I wish I could have seen you all together.. you must be such a lovely bunch!

  2. I saw that mattress folded around the tree too and wondered about it. I suspect that someone banged their car door once too many times for the poor tree, so to protect it (the tree) it got mattressed!
    We also heard and smelled the fire, but weren’t too sure where it had happened.
    I really enjoyed your family and getting to know you. I will keep in touch. I love peering inside your mind, when you invite us in.
    Stephanie (aka Madam Maman)
    PS, we got home yesterday, and inspite Mark’s best effort, neither Dustin or I gained any weight. Amazing. It must be the hills.

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