Covent Garden

Flattened melted glass bottles (blue, brown, green, clear, Coke, beer) to be used as bread containers or soap dispensers or cheese dispensers sold here.

Tarot reader with a sketchy-looking green crystal ball says something to a woman who asks for more clarification. She has three framed newspaper articles circa 1977 featuring photos of herself shaking hands with people.

A soprano voice wafts from a cafe terrace down blow a square balustrated and peaking, I see a tall woman in cowboy boots and jeans, and a long boiled-wool red coat, with long straight blond hair pacing around, singing to the people hanging over the railing.

An old man sits at a metal table outside of a cafe with his cappuccino in a paper-cup and four of the hugest dogs I’ve ever seen. They look like Roman circus dogs who used to eat gladiators alive (“AVE CAESAR MORITURI TE SALUTANT!”) They’re seriously huge. HUGE. And look like lions, with lots of golden fur, streaked with black, especially around the mouth. People are just massed looking at that sheer canine mass facing them.

Four still performers. Wind-up copper man. Golden bicycle man. Standing (I can’t figure him out) man and I am hugging the lamp-post and look I’m the same color as the lamp-post man.

Apparently showing your butt-crack is still in fashion.


One thought on “Covent Garden

  1. oooh… i want a 5 minute slice of Paris!!!
    i want to go to france again sooo much! i love that country!
    so exciting you are going to congo now!!!
    that will be BIG change from the parisian scene.
    hope you are doing well..

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