Redonkulous · Travel

kiss my bag

I saw the strangest scene in our little Italian restaurant last night. Three acts.

Act I

As we start to eat our Tortellini and pizza, a tall dyed-blonde woman walks in with a long camel coat and yellow suede cowboy-style boots. She holds a (in my opinion, very forgettable) black leather bag out in front of her and takes her coat off, saying something in Italian to the Italian/Kosovar staff.

Act II

Everyone gathers around her bag. EVERYONE. The pizza cook, all the waitresses, even our sensible Kosovo manager guy. Everyone gathers and listens to her, and then everyone, in turn, sniffs and smells and strokes her leather bag. Description of leather bag: large banana-shaped black leather bag with two metal hoops on either end, where the large braided shoulder strap starts and ends. Smack in the middle of the bag is a large silver heart shape. The men, the women, everyon sniffed and smelled and carressed the bag.


The bag is hung on the opposing chair to its owners’. Now that everyon has stoppd stroking and sniffing the bag they’re all seated around it, staring at it. The pizza cook and Napolitan waitress. I have thoughts that the bag will burst into flames and what all these people’s faces will look like. And I wonder what the bag is made of that I cannot understand.


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