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5 minute slice of Paris

That’s all I have left in this Internet Cafe after looking up Birkenstock Paris, so after checking my email, here is a small snippet of our return to Paris, which, frankly (and I didn’t think I’d say this) is absolutely a PLEASURE.

Paris, my dear, it is a pleasure to see you, after being bled to death by London, which under grey skies and the British Pound Sterling, and no Shahina was not as much fun as last time.

Paris. Blue skies, again, with lovely little cotton ball clouds, it was a fun afternoon, even after ordering a “hamburger” which ended up being a ground meat patty with a fried egg on top (????) and some over-fried fries, even after the young man (who looked pretty normal) behind me in the metro kept muttering “merde, merde, merde, merde, merde, merde” the avenues are large, and the building facades are gorgeous, everything is beautiful in the sun, from the gilded sculptures in the large airy squares, and the spacious metro stops, lovely storefronts, and people who, finally, have more of a sense of humour than I thought on my post-Israeli traumatic stress trip of last time.

What a lovely afternoon, chatting with an old woman on the bus, who told me to go to Rue de Varennes for the most breathtaking buildings (must check it out) and wonderful walks amid the naked trees through which the churches, the opera, the Louvre, everything just looks oh so Parisian.


25 seconds left.


2 thoughts on “5 minute slice of Paris

  1. Hey, could you do all of your fans a favor and perhaps post a photo or two with that fancy-ass camera of yours and your quickly-turning-stale flickr account?
    we would love you for it. even more than we already do.

    sincerely, the fans

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