Imagine exclamation marks running loose. That’s what this moment felt like. I had taken lifeless pictures in order to show you a bit of what Congo feels like and suddenly I came into the school and just whipped out my camera and the kids went crazy and just made me double up with laughter. This is what the place is like. The other photos of Pointe-Noire are a bit disappointing. It’s not a very photogenic place, you know. This isn’t Paris. It’s human and noble and hard to photograph when you’re not taking pictures of people. It looks small and poor sometimes and that’s not the reality. This is the reality.



2 thoughts on “Children!!!

  1. a cif program person said:

    faces….happy faces….millions of faces… much potential, so much energy, so much joy under severe heat and rough and tough environments… us more…..give us a gallery…..

  2. thank you thank you thank you. that was the truth. yes.

    thank you for taking the picture and telling us how much it meant.

    (i found you on the net, from little one blog thingie. nice to see you :))

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