making a living

These road stands are important. They are manned all day under hot skies and there are a lot of random things sold.

Can you see the car-window shades with the lab puppy?

I have a tremendous love and respect for the people who man these because it’s incredible how creative and determined you have to be to survive here, and how courageous. I see these as bastions of dignity.



2 thoughts on “making a living

  1. Vi? What are puppy shades? I mean, I can see two puppies and assume that that is the item you are talking about, but I’m not sure what it actually is.

  2. The puppy shades are the little window-sized suction cup images to keep out the sun in the back-seat windows of cars, and they have two little puppies to decorate them. Can you see them now? I guess the words “puppy-shades” was a bit too optimistically minimal to describe them with.

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