the reasons


This is the reason you do anything. I love this little girl. She’s my best friend’s child and today was the first day I met her. I love the cycle of life in Congo. In every house, usually, there is always a baby, and everyone knows where they stand. You always have someone to take care of, and care for, and someone that looks up to you. It positions you in life, to know who you have to respect and who needs you. It’s so familiar and so incredible.


4 thoughts on “the reasons

  1. Yay photos!
    Your fans are duly appreciative.
    Oh, and I finally got around to putting up a link to you on my blog. So if there are some strange folks dropping by, they’re with me. I just hope they behave themselves.

  2. Hey Sunshine,
    I’m so happy to see you are blogging again. I just got back this week. I opened my favorites and was about to delete “Three Legged Duck” because you’d said you’d deleted the blog. But I thought, “I’ll just have one last look at it” And there you were, and there was this lovely photo! and I was so happy.

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