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You know you’re back in Paris when…

…your bus driver steps out of the bus at a bus stop, crosses a few meters of park grass in between the two busy roads and starts yelling obscenities at the truck driver who just a few seconds ago was honking at him wildly, hauling down the road at 50 km/h. Or when the trains are all on strike because a conductor was assaulted and everyone is complaining about it. Or when calculating a cell-phone plan or buying a train ticket to the new and exciting destination one is leaving for tomorrow is a college-level mathematical exercise in percentages and value and deals etc.

Everything here is complicated. I’ve been talking to people just for the heck of it, and making friends along the way, which is always nice, and I’ve found out some crazy details, like some landlords expect your rent to be at least 1/3 of your salary. Less, and they don’t take you. And they sometimes expect you to provide your parent’s salary information, “just in case”.

And now off for some city exploration. I haven’t yet spent a proper day in my new city! Stories of “selected” adventures yet to come! (I’ll spare you accounts of all the dates I’ve been asked on by middle-aged men)


One thought on “You know you’re back in Paris when…

  1. hehehe! the rent thing is funny! In fact, as an unemployed person with retired parents, my rent would have to be about… oh i dunno, what’s a third of NOTHING?!!!
    See you tomorrow!

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