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“le metro”

Witness the empty metro that I took a photo of before the conductor addressed me “Miss, why didn´t you get off at the last stop? Don´t you realize that when EVERYONE gets off you should probably get off too? Wait for me, I´m coming.”


I waited, he came. Introduced himself, asked me if I was coming from “the province” and took me into the conductor´s booth and showed me how the trains work, and dropped me off at a platform so I could get home via the bus.

My second friend in Paris, and my first getting lost experience. He told me he drives my train in the afternoons and evenings and to wave to him next time I board! Fun!!


One thought on ““le metro”

  1. Hey Sunshine,
    What a lovely violetta-like adventure. Reminds me of the story of the Green cap, was it a John Deere cap or am I getting my violetta annecdotes mixed up?

    Did he address you over the microphone that they announce the stops on? Or do they do that in the Paris Metro?
    In DC I heard that the drivers used to make all sorts of entertaining comments over the PA system until people complained and now they’re not allowed to do that. Sad :(

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