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Fire and the Police.

Two words you don´t expect to hear on vacation.

Much less have to deal with on vacation!


So you stay at someone´s house and you walk in one night and the entire apartment (and your mind flashes instantly to everything that´s made of wood, the floors, every piece of furniture down to the TOILET BRUSH) is lying silently in a HUGE cloud of thick thick black smoke so that you can´t really see clearly through the hallway.

The person forgot to turn off the gas under the soup and all that´s left are carbonated ashes. Ashes. And a miracle that nothing caught fire.

You (plural, since you’re not alone but with a friend to cushion the panic) leave a message on the person’s voice mail.


So you´re staying at this same person´s house still, and the door bell rings.

Two big, strong uniformed police officers are standing there. And asking pointed questions in Spanish about something one should not disclose and you answer and then they leave, without leaving any other information.

You (singular and in pajamas) call the person and explain this to them in a Spanglish mess.


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