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spray-on nylons

So….after a day spent in museums and walking around the city, we went into Sephora, the huge makeup shop and I tried spray-on nylons,which right now, still seems like the dumbest idea in the world and prompts a few questions :

-what is the difference between spray-on nylons and a spray-on tan?

-who thought of this?

I don’t usually process fully an idiotic thing I’m about to do, so it went with this one as well. I pulled up my pant-leg, yanked the display tester, and started spraying my leg in a circular motion, with T’s eyes widening, speecheless, and unable to stop me from spraying the nylons ineptly.

I finished and saw the brown foundation-like spray starting to drip down my leg and managed to say “I..I..need a tissue or a cotton or something!”, and T. came to my rescue, already starting to laugh, as I wiped the stuff off.

Now, even the next day, before my shower it’s kind of shiny, but looks like I applied foundation to my leg, hence the near-tan look.

I have to say to the inventor, you didn’t get yourself two new customers yesterday (not at 34 euros a spray-bottle) but at least you provided us with a lot of laughter, especially when we periodically look at the digital photos to remind ourselves of this little experience…

The things you never thought you would do on a visit to Paris…


5 thoughts on “spray-on nylons

  1. hilarious, i want to see the pics

    send some pictures

    i can provide you with space online for you to post it


    love you

    miss you

    oh by the way , this is nic

  2. Hey !
    C’est Pauline :] Je me suis souvenue que tu avais dis que tu es une vraie nerd, alors j’ai regardé si tu n’avais pas un blog, et je t’ai trouvée.

    ______à bientôt j’espere !

  3. Pauline! comment je te contacte?? ??ah!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Je t’embrasse tres tres tres fort. J’espere te revoir bientot!



  4. YO ! Pour me contacter c’est tout simple:

    Je t’embrasse aussi très fort ! Si on s’envoie des mails ça sera assez facile de trouver un moment pour se revoir :]
    Sinon, il y a mon journal (
    et mon compte deviantart ( ! yoplà.

    Bisous ♥

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