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my brother in Paris

We went to the world’s most famous air show and all-things aerial expo: le Salon du Bourget (there are practically no photos of human beings…i.e. us four that went, but there are some cool pictures of plane spare parts !!! as well as some I think, of the maiden flight of the Airbus A380, the Titanic of planes)

we also went to the Musee d’Orsay, and so can you, since Nic took pictures of almost all the works of art in the museum. Which I think is great, because now I can access them from my computer. Be sure not to miss the “Origin of the World.” It’s the one where we all look like morons posing in front of it.

Nic also went to visit Abdu’l-Baha’s apartment in Paris, in the Trocadero neighborhood (overlooking the Eiffel Tower, which he also visited) while I was in Lyon for a day. I’m impressed he managed to match the EXACT tint of the real-life Eiffel Tower on his photo gallery background. I have been trying to find words to describe that color but for some reason “taupe” just doesn’t cut it.

We met up with some old friends from Congo in La Defense…and because of “budgetary constraints” ate at…Mac Donald’s. It’s not something that readily pops into your mind when you think of Paris, but if you’ve ever lived here, you’re forced to frequent fast-food restaurants at some point, at least if you hang out in large groups of young people: they’re everwhere, they’re not expensive compared to other options, and even begrudgingly, everyone will agree that they can find “SOMETHING” to eat. Now that they have apple slices and large selections of salads (both of which I don’t eat when I end up at Mickey D’s) it gives everyone a healthy cop-out! :-) I think that this slide-show is definitely worth taking a look at, especially for those of you in the US, since you get to see what the dining experience is like at Mac Donald’s in France…

All MD’s in the Paris area have wireless internet and this one specifically is so posh (there are probably over a hundred leather couches) and well lit because it is made to accomodate the corporate crowd of La Defense…

We had quite a good time. If Nic ever puts it together, the best gallery he could compile was “Nic eats his way through Paris photo-gallery”. I was the official photographer of “Nic eating a freaking huge savory crepe, “Nic eating a big Nutella crepe” “Nic eating three pains au chocolat” “Nic eating a huge rose-shaped Italian ice-cream in the Latin Quarter” “Nic eating a delicious mini-raspberry pie” “Nic eating his third quiche Lorraine” “Nic eating a great DONER KEBAB THAT ONLY COST 5 EUROS”. It was very entertaining, and probably one of my best memories of Paris so far…watching someone eat their entire body weight in food in the span of a week. :-)


3 thoughts on “my brother in Paris

  1. Holy crap! I seriously would have NEVER guessed that was Macdo – besides for the very recognizable menus :-) And I’ve been to French Macdos!


  2. oh! i stumbled across your blog through a series of links through other blogs. i don’t know you (yet) but… hello! i’ve got a question. is the home that Abdu’l-Baha stayed in Paris actually open to visitors?

  3. Hi! Yes it is, but only once a week and by appointment only. You have to call or email the Baha’i community of France (their web site is where they have contact information)and they will give you further information. Take care!! Thanks for stumbling on my abandoned blog!!

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