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our cocaine

It’s sick how much Google has infiltrated our lives. People in business take Google into account, because it’s such a market force. People in Public Information and PR take it seriously because of the implications it has for their work, it’s the main search engine for nearly everyone you know, and we all use it for the deepest, as well as most obscure searches in the world. The detail that ten years ago you would have been condemned to live without answering, the lyric to that long-dead song that you heard once in your life and remember three words to, all of those things would have remained answerless. It wouldn’t have been worse, either.

But Google has now made it into a verb, as in “I googled you” or “did you google him/her?” “googling someone”. I’m sure everyone has googled themselves.

But have you ever tried the tab on the main page of Google called “Images”? It’s right above the box where you type in your search criteria, and all you do is click on it, type a term and serach it to get images instead of words as results.

I did that recently and after a bunch of very useful search results…I typed in my first name…Do it, you’ll get a kick out of it. The results for my first name were a babe in stilettos with long blond hair, leaning in her black swimsuit against an old ruin, a bunch of purple flowers of various sizes, beautiful enough, a brick in the wall of a Switzerland with the name of its residents, including my first name….and a german lady crouched beside a huge HUGE sow feeding her fifteen piglets.

It was a humbling moment to see my name in the title of that photograph.


4 thoughts on “our cocaine

  1. Hey sunshine!
    I knew before I clicked on your link that there would be new entries today! So glad.
    I love the images in google, I use it at work to find maps and for all sorts of different thing just for fun. I’ll try my name and yours too, just to see.

  2. So much for me thinking my name is unique!

    And what’s with Barbie up there under my name (topless, it appears, no less), or squating kangaroos?!


  3. I just image googled myself and found that the #3 result is a picture of the Krisia I was named after…. I might blog the story as I’ve been told it.
    It was really touching to see the picture of Krisia and Steve Rhoden.

    Of course, #4 is a hamster… then 5 and 6, I’m proud to say, come from a website I built when I first went to Haifa! I forgot it existed!!!

    Near the bottom, there’s actually a picture of me!!! Thanks to Mara’s blog! :o)

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