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city bicycles

The city of Lyon in France just put a few hundred bikes out for its citizen’s use. The shiny brand-new bikes are tied to posts and available for trips through the city, as you can pick them up and drop them off at various hubs. The first half-hour is free and the yearly subscription costs a pittance. One great idea towards sound ecological public transport alternatives! Unfortunately, while I was in Lyon, I didn’t get a chance to ride them since the hub I was at didn’t accept credit card payments…


2 thoughts on “city bicycles

  1. This is so good!
    They started a similar system in Copenhagen a few years before we left. It’s actually free, but they use a supermarket cart type system, where you put a coin deposit into the bike that you’d get out again when you returned the bike to a station. The stations were all over town. It was a big success.
    I used them sometimes, but mostly I had my own bike that I’d ride around town. I miss biking! I tried it a little here, but with the steep slopes and traffic, it wasn’t fun.

  2. To respond to “you might be crazy if…” I have a little theory that applies science to sociology. It seems to me that the world is inherently entropic and that makes it much easier to destroy something than to build it. In the event that humans want change a violent revolution often ensues. However, a revolution only creates greater disorder because of the destruction involved. Rather, what takes true strength is the willingness to rebel by standing in the path of demolition and saying, “We will build.”

    The challenge is to not only undo what was done but to then build on top of that a greater structure.

    -the thoughts of a maybe crazy Baha’i

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