I love packaging. I love series. I love when both are combined. One of my favoritest things about our conference hotel in Bulgaria was the “first-day-welcome-packaging” of all the toiletries in the shelf in the bathroom, in striated card paper embossed with a coat of arms and sleek-print labeling of the contents. The next days we were given the “scaled-down” version of everything in little plastic-wrappings and sample envelopes. But the sheer array and collection was so pretty!


2 thoughts on “packaging

  1. I’ve got to tell you a funny story about packaging and condoms. A friend of mine, eternal spinster, went to a meeting for the Free Clinic where she worked, and another organization, maybe Planned Parenthood? It was a 5:00 meeting and she hadn’t eaten since maybe lunch. On the way in she spotted a bowl with those foil wrapped gold coins. Being a bit late for the meeting, she grabbed a small handful so she could have a little snack to tie her over. She sat down at the meeting and started to unwrap the foil under the table. Imagine her surprise (and disappointment) when she looked down and realized that it wasn’t chocolate that she was about to pop into her mouth!
    M. M.

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