I buy food that I don’t eat because I want my shelf on the fridge to be stocked full. I already don’t feel so at home in the house, and not having any food here would just make me feel like I’m really in a hotel. Not that I cook…I just buy the food. Then when the expiration date is way passed, I have to throw it out. I just went shopping tonight, and bought veggies, fruit, some soup. I was walking around the supermarket in that familiar daze, not remembering what I used to eat when I was in Paris…what did I cook? I just can’t remember…

Things have been so frantic, that I’ve been either out running errands, getting settled or spending time with friends so I’ve eaten out and haven’t had the time to cook. When I do end up at home, with nothing really to eat, I realize that it takes me in general two full months to get used to the ingredients in the new country, at least for cooking at home.

After spending a year and a half in Paris, I really had the routine (which had taken me a couple of months to acquire) down. I knew all the shops in my neighborhood, mostly all the products they carried, had tried them, and isolated the ones I liked, I knew where to get the best and cheapest produce, what yogurts to buy, what foods I ate in a given week and how much I needed, what I needed to buy for the recipes I made…

Here everything is so different! My digestive system has really taken a beating this last month. I don’t know all the shops, and what the differences are or where to get the best value for your money, I don’t know what the products are they carry, and when I see the products I just don’t know what they are a lot of times, or what to do with them! I don’t even remember what I used to make, and I don’t know what to buy. I often walk into stores and just don’t recognize anything and walk out empty-handed. And the food in restaurants is so different, fattier and sweeter, that I have had a mild stomach ache for a month.

So I feel good in general, but I think once I know what to eat and what to buy in grocery stores…it will be much much better. Right now I feel like a stranded hungry-sick tourist.


2 thoughts on “Food

  1. Yes, food and what to buy and where, and where is anything is a bit of a challenge; i can identify; and everytime i move, as this last time where we now have a kitchen the size of a postage stamp in a pool house we love, i think i’ don’t eat correctly, cook correctly; hang in there, e

  2. Ironically I’m undergoing the same kind of change here. Though the food centre is remarkably skilled at sourcing foods, its hard to decipher whats what in terms of food. I havn’t gotten adventerous yet, other than trying Cafe Hillel once… but once I muster up the time and courage I’ll go out Shwarma hunting! :)

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