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My what big ears you have

Now that I’m interviewing for Disney I think it’s time I posted my favorite EVER story about my time in Paris. Which happened months ago.

I should preface this by explaining that I used to have this horribly beaten up Discman that I hardly *ever* listened to, it didn’t close well, and had stickers all over it that I’d (shamed face downward looking) peeled from lamp-posts and metro stations across Europe. Mostly obscure bands with offensive logos that looked really cool.

Anyway. Continuing on…I had previously invested in some amazing headphones. BIG headphones. BIG silver fancy Sony earphones, because I wanted to get a fantastic sound, and the ear-buds really hurt my ears. I looked everywhere for the right kind, with big enough “ear-pads” (what are they called?) and a great sound, and finally settled on the not HUGE but medium sized ones.

Sometime in January, probably, I was walking out of my apartment building, towards the train station. It was a freezing cold morning, and at that point, the shiny big silver headphones kept my ears from freezing. I had a big scarf, a warm jacket and I was just so happy, listening to my music, all proud of my lovely new investment that set me apart as a “serious” music lover–whatever. I was walking with a spring in my step.

As I neared the end of the street, I noticed an old man, dressed in frumpy brown and grey, who was taking his frumpy brown and grey dog (remember how in 101 Dalmatians, all dog owners ressemble their dogs? How TRUE is that observation? It never ceases to amaze me).

OK…nothing extraordinary yet, except that as I was got closer, I noticed he was laughing quite heartily and pointing in front of him…in my general direction.

I did what any person would do. I looked behind me. At the empty morning street. The empty, freezing, wet, miserable 8 AM morning street, I might add.

I slowed down…as I got closer to him, I pulled the headphones off and looked at him, and he said to me…

“You have big EARS, Miss! (laughs) You have such very VERY big ears! (more laughs) look like MICKEY MOUSE! (real belly laugh this time)”

He stood there, having a frank laugh at me, and by this point, I was laughing so much, we just kind of looked at each other, and he walked away.

I looked at my headphones…watched him walk away, imagining the smile on his face and thought…”hell, he’s right. I have a tiny face. These headphones are way too big for me!”

Since then, everytime I’ve worn those headphones, I’ve smiled to myself and remembered the old man. It’s amazing how one person, by just being genuine can provide you with so much mileage.


3 thoughts on “My what big ears you have

  1. V.. i am telling you, just the first one i read and i am loving it all over again! i have a silly smile on my face now… thanks!

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