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We had a fun little Halloween party at Ramesh’s (below) in Santa Monica…

So I thought I had dressed as a Nepali princess (I know….don’t look anything like one) but realized I was actually dressed as a genie when my neighbours asked me to grant them three wishes! Talk about lowering your expectations. So I told everyone I was a genie. (but inwardly I was a Highland Nepali princess!)

We sat around, ate Ramesh’s five star vegan Indian food (DELICIOUS), talked, took crazy photos, and among other things, I had the unexpected pleasure of discovering this really cool band called The Mars Volta. I mostly got to listen to the first five tracks on their second and latest album but they were soooooooo cool. We were blaring them on the freeway on the way back, and the music was perfect for the ride through the LA city-scape: eerie, slightly industrial, fast paced, bi-lingual and a little wild…just perfect.

I also went home with the single best article I’ve read on France in the last years. Check it out if you have *any* interest: The Economist’s country survey on France in this week’s magazine. Every single point they make, from the politics, to the economy, to the education, to society, to behavior, to the question of minorities were things I found difficult to deal with there. It was truly, truly enlightening. And, for the first time, it was reassuring to feel it wasn’t just me.

And on the corner of a Santa Monica street, I saw what I wish I had never seen. A man dressed as a gigantic penis. Kicking around his “testes” at his feet. He was probably coming back from what I found out the next day I had missed: THE big happening on Halloween in LA is in West Hollywood where 30, 000 people mill around dressed to the nines. This year’s highlights (according to El and Juan) were Lil’ John, Borat, Kim Jong-Il…

I guess I’ll see enough of Borat tomorrow, since we’re going to his “movie-film”…BASSI BABA WE ARE GOING TO MISS YOU FOR THE BORAT!


5 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Ma V! I was reading the very same Economist survey of France while riding the Tube to work today (what they need is a French Maggie Thatcher? Only in the Economist…) – and thought of you. Also, Dominique Strauss-Kahn is running for president – isn’t he the guy you introduced me to while you were working at Stanford? Small world, although the thought of you cruising the Santa Monica Freeway in Halloween Costume is taking some getting used to.

  2. today a togoloid highland nepali princess swept away by disney recommended to me a band that has advertises itself as a yellow head on a plate with light coming out of its mouth.

    now i’m going to try to read the France survey at
    for my own edification and seeing what i’m missing out on. is it the intellectualist tradition, djouthink, that makes it a serious country? i wouldn’t have thought it on my own, but lotsd of people think this about the French. personally i’m rather fond of them.

    p.s. i thought that you were loving paris a year ago.

    love love love from leila

  3. We actually learned in public health school–during the health behavior/health education bloc–about the “Healthy Penis” campaign. I belive it started and is most popular in San Francisco. Basically it is as you saw on Halloween–a person dressed up as an anthropomorphic, life-sized male anotomical part, which talks to people about STIs and HIV. If I remember correctly, there are also people that dress up as the viruses that cause various STIs–chlamidia, syph, etc. I’m not sure how effective it is in the behavioral change realm, truly, but the people seem to think it’s funny. Maybe the guy you saw was actually a public health worker!


  4. Wow, girls. You’re awesome with your comments! Kelly, yeah, it was the guy at Stanford! And I agree with you…Only in the Economist would they say that what France needs is a Margaret Thatcher, although their point was more elaborate about the comparative economic, social and political “place” France is in, compared to Britain at the end of the 70’s…It’s good they actually end on a note of hope. Only non-French people would have hope about the situation of the country. It got to be SO oppressive reading the papers there, because they were so SO negative. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped buying the paper. I pretty much read only Le Courrier International during my last year in Paris because it was such an INCREDIBLE newspaper. It is basically a world newspaper. You can read current events and opinion pieces from every newspaper in the world, and get to see political cartoons from Malawi, Kyrgystan, Russia, Cuban, Japanese newspapers. The world view and perspective was just exactly the antidote to the narrow-minded and oppressive negativity of French political commentary (acute and perceptive as it may have been, it was still oppressive).

    Leila joon, when I was still blogging a year ago, I was racking my brains to post only positive things. Paris was hard from the get-go. Then, as it got harder, I just couldn’t find anything I wanted to share, and just tried to process what I was feeling. Now that I’m in a better place (I know, I know, to most of you, HOW could the greater LA metropolis be a better place?) I can finally look back in peace, and sift through that whole period.

    And Miss A…that’s HILARIOUS. I absolutely love your degree. It’s so interesting, and you just get exposed to so much. It amazes me how applicable your degree is to pretty much every situation we talk about. Imagine that, though. A life-size penis as a public act of service. :-) Now THAT’s something to send one thinking…(but not for too long!)

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