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Love ode to the World Clock

I was just sifting through links on blogs, and found on “love from leila”, a link to the World Clock, which JUST SO HAPPENS to be one of my favoritest links on the internet.

When I was serving in Israel, I found myself at GMT +2, trying to call my parents in Congo, my “Ferret” college friends in Delaware on the East Coast of the US, my brother and grandmother on the West Coast of the US…all the time differences were confusing, and trying to keep them straight became increasingly complicated as the rest of my friends–not content to keep still in manageable time zones–moved to unfamiliar zones in cities like Tokyo, Sydney, Almaty, Recife, Istanbul.

One day, scouring the internet for a solution, I found the World Clock web site and it was instantaneous love. I chose from the long menu, the main cities that I needed to always have handy and I’ve had the link in my favorites for nearly three years now.

My custom list of 16 cities where my friends are spans every single continent, and most of the main time zones. Being able to check what time it is for them, makes me feel connected to them, and whenever I feel like calling them, I can check if there’s a chance they might be connected to Skype…

Can I just say how World Clock is the (time) B-O-M-B?!?!?

I think I might just have to send this post to Steffen Thoresen…. :-)

Leila–I LOVE that you have it linked. I think I might even get my act together and post my links too.


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