Stranger than Fiction.

Other than the 12-year turnaround-elections that are firing up the Nation (and Britney Spear’s divorce) the big news in my life is my grandmother’s upcoming 80th birthday (see post above) and since that is unfolding…and I can’t really wax poetic about my recent encounter with the balding-arsed possum hanging his rat-like tail over my grey fence the other night (and had to wait for him to jump off gently before I walked by–we’re getting to know each other), I figured I might as well post something about this movie I really enjoyed. You can see the trailer for it here.

We went to see “Stranger than fiction” last Tuesday at the Melnitz theater, in Nic’s awesome Film department at UCLA (best movie theater in the area! nice seats…sometimes you get to hear the director answer Q&A;’s, no eating of popcorn allowed…and the movies are FREE). Since it was a premiere there was a huge queue but we got the last tickets and got some great seats with my brother and his friends.

Any kind of movie review would sound pompous…but I really enjoyed Maggie Gyllenhall’s character as a sexy tatooed cookie-baking “anarchist” and Emma Thompson as a sarcastic writer’s-blocked black-clad chain-smoking writer.

Plus, the premise was very entertaining. It got me thinking of writing fiction, of creating characters, of deciding over their fates…I enjoyed seeing the writing process played out in a movie, under the rain, freaked-out about, talked about. I enjoyed a creative film about the creative process. And vicariously enjoyed Maggie’s tattooed biceps. So cute.

I think I enjoyed the premise and the leading ladies more than Will Ferrel as an IRS agent. But the again, there were some pretty hilarious moments and it had an overall humour that reminded me of “The Castle”, one of my favorite movies ever. It has the same “live in the moment, enjoy your simple life, ordinary people can be heroes” message–which *sounds* corny, but it is AWESOME when the script is written by people who have humour that just waits for you in the little corners where you where least expect it, and jumps out to “boo!” you!

This one scene in that movie was so unexpected and hilarious, I burst out laughing out of surprise, something I can’t remember ever doing at a movie…once you see it, you’ll know which one I’m talking about.


One thought on “Stranger than Fiction.

  1. I saw a preview for this, and it was the first movie in quite a while that I actually got excited about seeing. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m delighted that you enjoyed it, and I hope to see it soon!

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