The best Saturday

Today was a purely fantastic day.

It started out with a luncheon organized by the Baha’i community to welcome new facilitators (including me) of our study classes on the Baha’i Writings. Which was very useful and interesting, as well as stimulating. Plus the food was amazing.

Then I went on to an actual study class, with a fantastic group of youth, where we had three hours of intense discussion, study, and lots of laughs.

After our study class, the “gang” completed the study with a service component. This time, as it happens, was the time for out monthly service project of making dinner at the Union Station homeless shelter in Pasadena. So we went out to get supplies, then came back to cook.

You’ll see the order of things in the photos below, so I’ll save it, but sufficeth to say, that it was just a lovely, lovely experience.

First off, completing such a satisfying and uplifting class with something concrete that sort of bonded us even more was great. Then it was a great way to spend a Holy Day (at sunset today was the start of a Holy Day for Baha’is, the Birth of Baha’u’llah), and then..the people at the Union Street shelter were just so nice, thankful, and fun. And the whole “work” was just pleasant. It helps to be well surrounded. But the whole experience was nothing but joyful. See for yourself!

This is MY kind of Saturday night!

Here is “the gang”: Nic (my brother) and then starting from “Snappy” yellow jacket: JPL Jon, Janella, Al and David (a.k.a. D-Ma!)

And yes…we are trusted to make food for people.

In the “heat” of the action…

And voila!
A variation for this month, tri-color tortellini with marinara-mushroom sauce and parmesan, a Caesar salad and some garlic bread…
(everyone LOVED it, but I think the quantities were too small…)

And the cleaning up process, which entailed a lot of fun:

a *lot* of fun!

And just one last one…this is a picture of Jon and David and I, we’re neighbors–well, Jon and I are neighbors, and David works nearby, so he is too–so we spend a LOT of time together, doing lots of fun stuff, going Home Improvement shopping at Target late at night, moving in Fridges, fixing computers we bought from shady friends who moved to Haifa and abandoned us, taking classes together, watching Scrubs and sick documentaries on the Travel Channel after midnight, going to crazy Melnitz movies at UCLA, chatting on gmail at all hours of the day or night discussing anything from Borat to quotes from the Baha’i Writings..yay for having NEIGHBORS!


3 thoughts on “The best Saturday

  1. Ok…forgot to credit the photos. Thanks to my awesome BROTHER for them. :-) You rock my little “macaque”.

    PS: I am going to steal your camera.

  2. I did notice the hairnet on Nic (though its sexiness is debatable). I thought he’d gone all Street / South Central on y’all…

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