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Parking permit jingles

Waiting in line(s) at the parking permit pre-fab building is boring.

But not when two five-ish year old kiddies sing “Jingle Bells” with invented lyrics like…

“Ringo starr, ringo starr, ringo alla wayyyyyyyyy”

..and discuss alter-ego names in an exchange translated from Spanish for readership convenience:

-boy: If you were the queen, would your name be Cassandra?
-girl: I don’t know…maybe Cassandra, do you want to sing?
-boy and girl walking around the office following each other in a robot-train fashion: “Ringo starr, ringo starr…” (etc.) followed by an equally cute version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” which I can’t remember the fanciful words to because the parking permit lady gave me annoying news.

Which instantly made the kids less cute. But I still walked away with the stick-on permits that I’ve been waiting on for a month, which are valid for…oh….another *month* and as I walked away I sung to myself “Ringo, Ringo, Ringo Starr…”

Everyone’s already in Christmas mood anyway, which, (un-)surprisingly, includes complaining about the weather. It was grey one day last week (Saturday) and everyone complained the weather was gloomy and cold. (?) The guy at the coffee shope yesterday had antlers on. Antlers in Southern California. I don’t know much about the wildlife around here, but antlers just seemed ridiculous to me at the time…

Had he been sporting car-exhaust antlers, I might not have batted an eyelash…that’s more “local” in terms of fauna!



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