family history

Little stroll down Zein family history lane… :)

First time I saw a picture of our old family home in Egypt! (My grandma’s brother is a little boy in white shorts on the steps in the entrance, but you can’t see it very clearly…)

This is a photo of My grandma and her first husband Fawzi and Cherif as a cute little baby (he was “cute” but still a force of nature):

Mamie Bahia as a young woman (in her twenties, I think she already had my father by then, sometime in the mid fifties, living in Morocco): (isn’t she BEAAAAAUTIFUL???)

This is Mamie Bahia and Earleta O’Neal (was Flemming): they were two original Baha’i pioneers to Spanish Morocco in 1954! They’ve known each other for fifty years! Earleta and her husband Jerry made it to Medford all the way from Las Vegas, it was SO wonderful to meet them!

These last three pictures are of my grandmother’s pilgrimage to Israel in 1976 with my parents who had just been married a year or two. Those of you in Haifa will recognize familiar faces!

Mamie Bahia and the second Japanese Baha’i, Saichiro Fujita (he became a Baha’i in California in 1905); he lived the end of his life in Haifa, Israel:

This is a photo of Mamie with Mr. Ali Nakhjavani and Mr. Fujita; Mr. Nakhjavani who until recently served on the Universal House of Justice lived a long time in Africa, and was one of the founding members of the Baha’i community in Uganda in 1951 (my parents loved them so dearly, they named me after his lovely wife, Violette):

Mamie Bahia and Mr. Hooper Dunbar! :-) (Mr. Dunbar is an American Baha’i who pioneered to Central America and is an accomplished painter, and is still currently serving on the international governing body of the Baha’i Faith in Haifa:


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