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Fun photos from Oregon!

Ok…so now for some light stuff.

Still Nic’s photos. I only raided or “recycled” (as Bassi Baba is likely to point out ;-) a few of them. The rest is here, it’s worth a detour…I’ve left out some pretty crazy stuff.

First off..I’d like to say. Oregon is BEAUTIFUL. I looooooooveed it! It was my first time really appreciating it and seeing this much of it. We usually stayed so little and this time…stayed a whole four days! :-0

When we arrived, the first thing we saw when we walked through the doors of the Medford airport was of course my grandmother, so happy to see us, screaming for joy and kissing us and just bursting with happiness. That was the best arrival I’ve ever had and the warmest welcome.

The SECOND thing I saw was my mind’s picture of what an “Oregonian” is. And I realize there is a bit of prejudice involved, but it was confirmed to me by Oregonians. So I don’t feel so bad about it.

The wife of a friend of the family was waiting for her husband who arrived in the same flight as us and she was wearing a fleece sweater, a warm fuzzy scarf, and had coffee in a paper-cup. I just always imagined that’s what Oregonians looked like! So I blurted out something like “thanks for looking so Oregonian!” and she just howled. Then I realized I was so tired that my “filter” for filtering stupidity had just turned off and I’d actually said that. oooops….

This is in Ashland, Nic and I playing around with feathers from one of those Renaissance stores…he looks demented. As usual.

Ashland has a fancy Shakespeare festival sometime I think in the Spring, I’m too lazy to check online to give exact dates. It’s very well known though and the city is very artsy, extremely pretty. There’s a stream that runs through it (the WHOLE city was flooded in 1997, the river overflowed and ran through the streets, it was pretty dramatic, there were pictures in lots of storefronts where the damage was most severe).

The city center is quaint now and a little yuppie-ish. Stores with custom-made jewelry, art boutiques-specialty stores that corner the market in super-expensive rare-wood furniture that costs thousands of dollars, vegetarian organic restaurants, fancy expensive clothes…

Honestly, Ashland felt less like a real town and more like the Oregonian set of a TV series…like Gilmore girls meet Northern Exposure meet Desperate Housewives.

I KNOW it sounds awful when I say it that way, and that’s not my intention. It was a lovely little town. But the reality is that it is a place where a lot of wealthy people come to retire, and it has a big festival once a year, and it had that feeling of being almost like a stage or a set, that get used once in a while and the rest of the time retain the vibe of being set up to be used at a later date…

It almost felt like I’m describing the Oregonian variant of a Southern California town! hahaha…..

That, and everyone just seemed to be walking and talking “in character”. They were playing the part of the Oregonian townsfolk, wearing North Face and other expensive looking winter clothing and comfortable shoes, muted dark greens and yellow rain proof parkas, long hair and beards, knitted caps…

But aside from that, the randomness of the signs, and the price of the real estate (houses in the park area at the mouth of the town ranged from $300, 000 to $2.9 million), the oh-so-perfectness of everything from the flowerbeds to the details on the storefronts and the sidewalks, the people playing along so perfectly, even the ducks were on cue…

Here are a few pictures of the randomness…

The sign (which should really be an emblem for my blog) at the entrance of Lithia park (silly name, doesn’t it just SOUND like a Wisteria Lane name??) for the duckies that are wading around in the pond:

(too bad I can’t post up the video Nic took of the ducks landing in the pond. DOZENS of them just landing on after a short flight, it was HILARIOUS!)

And this, which has to be my tied with the couch as my favorite photo of the whole trip:

isn’t it just too absurd? I LOVE this photo so much. Nic’s got such an eye.

(someone beheaded Lincoln; a donation was made to replace his head this Fall but Nic and I think that once it’s replaced, someone is just going to bat it down again)

Oh and here’s my tie for favorite picture of the trip. This couch was just sitting there in the middle of a field at the entrance fo the town off the exit of the 5 Highway North (yeah, the same one we have down here that is congested all day):


2 thoughts on “Fun photos from Oregon!

  1. How vapid is this going to sound? But anyway … your description fits my bill perfectly. Oregon has become my dream place to live – not just with your description – I’ve had a crush on it for a while.

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