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Dad and Richard Quest

So we dropped off my beloved parents at the airport this morning, and as we’re parting, in the middle of our farewells at the “white zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only” curb…Dad runs off, with his red carry-on in tow, after a tall, tan and handsome man in an elegant trench coat.

He catches up to him and animatedly starts talking to him, making big gestures, smiling…and Mom, Nic and I look at each other, interrupted, and all say “Dad knows this guy? Who is he?”. We shrug and wait for dad to come back, it’s one of those conversations you can see from far away is not going to last too long so we hold off on speculation.

Good thing too, cause dad walks back with a beaming smile; turns out the elegant man in the trenchcoat at LAX is Richard Quest!
Dad loves his show, and told him about his plans to found a museum in Congo and even invited him to come to Pointe-Noire!

When he was in Johannesburg a couple of months ago, dad bumped into Samuel L. Jackson who was boarding a mini-bus and talked to him for a little bit (Mr. Jackson was in South Africa checking on the work of his foundation) but when he was asked for his business card he could only answer “I don’t have one”.

Luckily, Nic and I insisted he get business cards printed during their stay in the US, just in case, so,this time around, he had one to give out!

:-) Maybe Richard Quest will eventually make it to Congo, how cool would that be? To be continued….


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