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25 degrees

So today, breaking all the rules of my health-related diet (no wheat, no red meat and no cheese) Nic and I went on an adventure to 25 degrees, deemed best burger bar in LA by some food critic in an airplane magazine I picked up on my way to the US last month.

It’s named for the number of degrees that makes the difference between medium rare and well done cooking for the meat, and the decor, as the web site aptly describes is “bordello meets burger bar”. I guess that’s why I felt like the place was seedy…

Burgers were fine, wouldn’t “break three legs off a duck”, if you know what I mean. Mine was better than Nic’s :-) but what I found interesting was the listing of cheeses on the “build your own burger” menu:


farm house cheddar / cow / lightly sharp / firm / england

st. george / cow / waxy / porous / semi hard / tart finish / california

crescenza / cow / soft / creamy / grassy / tart / california

midnight moon / goat / gouda style / semi hard / lightly sweet / nutty / california

mezzo seco jack / cow / firm / dry / mild finish / california

emmi gruyere / cow /woody / robust / swiss alps

smoked mozzarella / cow / creamy / smooth / smoky oak /california

american / cow / classic / oils / america

red hawk / cow / triple cream / lightly salty / long pungent finish / california

benedictine / sheep / goat / cow / creamy / mushroom taste / long finish / wisconsin

prelibato gorgonzola / cow / salty / soft / long pungent finish / italy

burrata /cow /soft /mild / california

Now that’s pretty impressive…

Picture of Nic’s food:

The best part of the day was driving from Westwood to Hollywood, which was a lot of fun…sunny, clear, good music.

Nic showed me where Nicolas Cage lives, which made me LAUGH as I admired his beautiful brown dobermans, it was my first drive through Bel Air and I kept hearing the Fresh Prince soundtrack in my head (to which I think I know most of the words).

Then, we drove through Sunset, which was lovely, in a strange way. The wide avenue with the short buildings, straight as far as the eye can see, terraces everywhere, big billboards with movie posters and Gucci ads, the mountains in the distance…LA is surreal, bustling, but surreal.

On the way back from the restaurant we had our pictures taken at Grauman’s Chinese Theater with a scary horror movie figure who has a white face punctured with nails and carries a sickle.

As I nestle next to him to take a picture, he turns his sickle blade towards my camera-wielding brother, who can clearly read the word “TIPS” painted in red bloody ink.




3 thoughts on “25 degrees

  1. I’m pretty consistently disappointed by “gourmet” burgers. For me, a burger works best simple: good meat (preferably on open flame), good cheese, and don’t go overboard on the fixings–much of which just serves to conceal the burger flavor rather than complement it. A burger should not be layered with pretense.

    We’re fortunate to have several good burger places here in Seattle, though unfortunately there is no In-n-Out.

  2. I have an In’n’Out around the corner from where I live, I’ll try it out. (I think burgers are the only thing that gets me over to the “dark” side too…)

    Nic is a burger connoisseur and he has two on his list, which he prefers to In’n’Out: Fat Burger in Westwood (the biggest, meanest one I’ve ever seen) and, surprisingly, the one from Cheesecake Factory, which he is still talking about.

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