my car

Here is my beautiful Nissan Maxima 1996 which I just got hand-washed a half hour ago, so it’s probably never been this clean since I’ve owned it. It’s amazing how fast a white car gets grimy here, especially when it’s parked on the street. Dried dirty water stains from the overnight sprinklers, juice from the palm trees, a thick layer of dust covered by a thick layer of pollen, pollution gunk.

I think I counted 13 palm tree reflections in the window :-) It still amuses me to see palm trees. It’s so….California!


4 thoughts on “my car

  1. I love the photos of your family (a few posts down) I love to see pictures of a person at different poinbts in their lives and see how a person ages and what does it do to their face, their body and their overall inner and outer image.

  2. Well V, I remember your car being this clean that first day that you got it and we took it around the block… I still remember how nervous you were! :)

    Oh so, speaking of cars… guess whos BMO certified now to drive? :-D

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