work can kill you

so my blog is pretty much an edited version of YOUTUBE now, and that’s fine. I’m on my third week of work and I’m starting to really enjoy it. Work does a spirit good…it’s challenging, stimulating, there’s a lot of people-contact, I get to spend a lot of time with quirky HILARIOUSLY CUTE characters that have an evil streak, and research them, I get to be creative, and I get to brush up on my European languages. Actually…I’m using French and Spanish every day and getting to become familiar with German and Italian, hopefully with practice I’ll develop reading and comprehension skills in those two as well, which I’m really excited about. Yeah, video games really are a lot of fun to work with, it’s so creative, but it’s hard work. Gone are France’s 35 hour workweeks… (scroll down to Effort to see this picture full-size)

Hope you’re all well. Send me emails!


One thought on “work can kill you

  1. love your writing; keep blogging; want to know how to put the stuff on the side like Billy Collins, and Nick Bantock on my blog columns;
    read the article about simplifying life, then clicked on somehow who responded to you and she was in san francisco and worked for animal foster place and had 3 pugs! oh my; your job sounds great; esther

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