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adapting woes

I love my French Nokia. I don’t want to buy another phone because it works perfectly. I also don’t want to buy a 39 dollar charger because I *have* a charger. The cheapest solution, which looks very ridiculously big, was to buy a “worldwide to US converter” (because they don’t make simple European to US converters) and then a converter for 3-to 2-prong plugs. Because my apartmnet does not have 3-pronged plugs. I saved money and I did not buy new un-needed electronics. Of course my plug looks idiotic, but it doesn’t have to leave the house, now that it’s on the internet for every one to see, that is.


One thought on “adapting woes

  1. Don’t be embarrassed. We have some similarly odd-looking converting contraptions here. Our ancient US boombox needs a 220-to-110 V transformer, but to make the pins fit in the wall socket we need a “neutral” spacer thingy just to be that much more cumbersome. And I’ve made a couple of Oz-to-europe cables with a German male plug on one end and a female Australian socket on the other. (The opposite of us, I suppose.)

    I never thought to photograph them.

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