CA license plates

Ok, this is just for license plate nerds like me (I love to know in every country I live in, how license plates are numbered)

Here are some of the banned letter combinations for CA license plates, combinations that are either rude or reserved for the State.

I’m not going to bore you with details. There are so many cool little FAQ’s on this site!


4 thoughts on “CA license plates

  1. Tell me you can’t just imagine Kurt and his Mountain Dew buddies sitting around figuring out which of the three letter combonations should be deemed ‘offensive’. People got paid for this! For imagining how convoluted little Beavis and Butthead minds could go astray – huh huh huh… What a great job!

  2. From one license plate nerd to another, thank you for doing the research on this for me. It was really driving me crazy. If only I could have the vanity plate that I thought of…Then my life would be complete. Well, I’d need that and a dog.

  3. “Well, I’d need that and a dog.”

    Me too. :-) Well, the dog part at least. The vanity plate…I couldn’t make up my mind!

    yeah, Kelly…some of our friends would have had the deliberations go on for DAYS on that. Could be a fun game: “list as many three letter combinations as you can in 30 seconds that would be banned by the California DMV…GO!”

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