Vegas, baby!

So I’ve now been to Vegas.

Didn’t feel anything for the place while I was there, and don’t have much of an opinion of it now, just a whole lot of nothin’. I really don’t understand what it is all about. What is fun about Vegas?

I didn’t know that there is absolutely NOTHING on the way from LA to Vegas, which is unbelievable. And while I’m at it, that whole stretch of 272 miles doesn’t fit my main criteria for living anywhere in the US: you gotta have NPR reception. (wink wink to “someone” out there).

One thing did shock me. The last time I ordered food, it took 4o minutes to get here, but in Vegas, you can have a “girl” delivered to you in 20 minutes. Not that they’re comparable.

I did have fun, though, mainly because I was with BETH! And we went to the Spring 2007 Taekwondo competition, which rocked! Our little girl did so well, we were so proud!!

Note to Kelly: the Paris hotel really offended me, because it was so grossly over-scaled compared to all the other replicas which were smaller than in real life. Ew.

Here’s a couple of photos I’m happy with: (you can see the rest of them here)


6 thoughts on “Vegas, baby!

  1. Hi V. It’s Beth’s mom. I had to check out your blog. I love the picture of you as a little girl.
    Glad you and Beth had fun!!

  2. I am right there with you, V. Can anyone out there help us? I promise not to judge you, I just want to understand! It seems like you have to love gambling to love Vegas, but many people I have talked to don’t really even gamble while they are there. And I swear I overheard someone say, “Vegas is great. I don’t ever have to leave the country and I can go to Paris, see the pyramids, I mean, why travel?” Ouch.

  3. Someone said to me “they bring you drinks if you just sit there and play the slot machines…except now the machines don’t take quarters, only take credit cards”.

    Haven’t verified that, but again, WHAT’S FUN ABOUT THAT?

    And moreover, if it involves somethingn as corporate as a credit card to facilitate it…isn’t’ it the OPPOSITE OF FUN?

    Using a credit card just makes me think of “bills” not “fun”.

  4. Well, I went to Vegas just as the whole Disney/MGM transition was going on. My brother picked THE perfect hotel/Casino in the world Bob Stupek’s something or other– which turned out to be a 70’s space themed hotel with fiber optic flower arrangements and pink lighting. I felt like I was on the set of Buck Rogers. It was FANTASTIC and I wish I had a camera. They gave us free food, and $20 in slot machine tokens. I just stuck a bunch in to get rid of them (you couldn’t redeem them for cash) and ended up making $15. Since I don’t gamble, I just pocketed the change. I walked around, did all the free rides (I think they had just built the Luxor), and stared at the heavily pimped out people in their lizard skin coats and shiny shoes. Kind of “meh” overall. For a non-gambler who has travelled a bit, there really was nothing to see. But that seedy Stupek casino (which I don’t think exists anymore) really made the trip worthwhile.

    And I third the NPR thing. That’s a minimum for any town I’d live in and a strong public radio station makes up for any cultural shortcomings a town may have. WCBE in Columbus (which I feel is better than public radio stations in New York, Chicago, and Cleveland) made life a lot more fun and interesting with their eclectic programming and personality.

  5. hahahaha! I love your comments!

    Mark, that’s hilarious. I think I would have LOVED that experience, but I have to agree with Beth…seems like Vegas lost the thing it had going for it…I mean..fiber optic flower arrangements and pink lighting YEAH!

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