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This is….probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Pleeeeeeeease listen to it! CorrectMe-001-2.mp3 It started here. Here’s a partial transcript, courtesy of Morning Edition: Mr. Howe, I’m looking at the Monday issue, August 29, Page E6… It says “begins testing — Forest Service begins testing pilotless drone.” Mr Howe, is there any other… Continue reading PILOTLESS DRONE!!!!!

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The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears

A beautiful first book by Dinaw Mengestu, about America through the eyes of an Ethiopian immigrant and his two African friends, a Zairean and a Kenyan…Their interactions and comments are so authentically African, I’m enjoying it immensely. It correlates the American experience by Africans, ties into details of their lives. The small prides, the meaningful… Continue reading The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears