This American Life

This American Life comes to television…

Television that looks like nothing else on TV. I think, if I got Showtime, this would be my favorite show on TV.

I love Ira Glass. He’s my hero. I put his name in the pot of “Celebrity” we played tonight. Who else can get quotes like this from people?

“I grew up with Satan conversations about Satan over chocolate cake on Sunday”

“I mean, I don’t even know how much I’m into the whole bible thing altogether, you know. Dude just came up to me and he’s like, “Hey, you look like Judas”, and I’m like “guess that’s a compliment”. Soo, can’t really deny the world of their Judas.”

“How much can you fall in love with a chicken, there’s really nothing to fall in love with, but a pig, I mean, think about a pig, what is there not to love about a pig?”

“There’s not much to life except sex and food…and water”


3 thoughts on “This American Life comes to television…

  1. Okay, this is getting weird, V.
    My next blog post is basically the same thing that you have here including the YouTube clip. I’m freaking out here. Get out of my head!!!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh! crazy! This is so freaky! First the ugly dog photo, now the blogging! where will it end? I wonder what the next thing will be!

  3. I hope it comes to iTunes since I vow never to pay for cable (and useless junk I’ll never watch) again.

    I’ve been waiting for this tv show for a year now since they moved from Chicago to NY (WHY!!!) to make it.

    I think the cinematography is incredible. Did you look up “Ira Glass” and “storytelling” on Youtube? Definitely worth the 15 minutes to view it.

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